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ALLROUNDER 902 injection moulding machine
Release time:
2019-02-20 17:48
A 32-cavity cube mould in 10 seconds cycle time. Mould filling, cooling phase and part demoulding are carried out simultaneously. ALLROUNDER 902 S injection moulding machine.
Effect of tool bending on part deflection in injection molding
Hereby is presented an analysis on possible solutions to be applied in order to reduce the mismatch introduced by general accepted approximation of real tool behavior, two different approach have be
Types of plastic sheet plastic sheet
Release time:
2018-10-09 13:50
Classification of blister sheets Commonly used sheets for blister products are: ABS, ASA, AES, PVC, PETG, PC, PSU, PP/PE, HIPS, PMMA, and flocked sheets, gold-plated sheets and anti-static sheets base
The large-scale plastic processing plastic tray industry is widely used, and the market development direction needs to be furthe
The plastic tray is also called plastic inner tray. The plastic sheet is made into a specific groove plastic by the plastic process. The product is placed in the groove to protect and beautify the
Introduction to several modeling methods in mold casting
The modeling method used in the foundry now has not changed much in the past decade and the modeling technology has made great progress. The wet sand molding, precision sand molding, and lost foam
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